Shipping policy

Free shipping over $99 in BC only. We will offer free Canada wide shipping in March 2021. Thanks for your patience.

We offer 2 day shipping to your door. Our orders typically ship out on Monday. They will usually arrive to your door by Wednesday end of day. BC orders often ship in one day. Meaning BC orders may arrive Tuesday.

There is no signature required. Meaning your package could be left at your front door without the courier ringing the door bell. It is your responsibility to track and keep an eye out at your delivery address for the package.

You must include your buzzer number if you live in an apartment. Or else we cannot take responsibility for shipping delays. 

We are noticing some delays due to our couriers being swamped with orders. In this case a small number of deliveries are being held and delayed. 

Your tracking number is emailed to you when it ships. We have the same tracking information as you. 

Please email us orders(at)purebonebroth(dot)com if you have any questions or concerns about your shipment.

We have temperature controlled shipping using insulated liners to keep your bone broth safe until arrival.

If your bone broth is slightly thawed upon arrival, do not worry. Simply place in the freezer. 

In order to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible, we are only able to offer online sales of our bone broth in cases of 6 or 12.

There is no sustainable way to ship and deliver smaller orders our broth to individual homes. 

中娱网 中娱网 ,弹弹堂视频 弹弹堂视频 Shipping costs Canada Wide

2 Pack: $34.99
6 Pack: $34.99
12 Pack: $29.99

Shipping Costs Within BC

2 Pack: $24.99
6 Pack: $7.99
FREE Shipping over $99

If a 6 or 12 pack is too big for you then visit our store locator to find the closest store to you!

It is incredibly expensive to ship Canada wide 2 day shipping. This is the only way we can ship to you without losing money. Thanks for understanding.

(a)     Drop Off. 中娱网 中娱网 ,弹弹堂视频 弹弹堂视频 Products you order from us which we agree to supply will be delivered to the delivery address (the “Delivery Address”) recorded in your Account either by us or one of our Affiliates (such person making the delivery, the “Courier”). Delivery is typically made by motor vehicle, trike and by foot, however if we use different means of transportation we will notify you in writing. You are responsible for ensuring that delivery at the Delivery Address is safe for the Courier. For example, this means ensuring that stairs are shovelled of snow and guard dogs are properly restrained. If no one answers the door when the Courier arrives at the Delivery Address, the Courier will leave the products at the door unless we communicate different delivery information to you.

(b)     Freshness of Food.

(i)     Our Coolers are intended to keep deliveries of food frozen and fresh for a number of hours; however, depending on weather conditions, deliveries of food may spoil quicker than anticipated. Consequently, if you know you will not be home to receive your delivery from us, we recommend that you arrange alternate plans for faster refrigeration of your delivery.

(ii)     You are responsible for ensuring that your Broth's are safe for consumption. Among other things, this means checking the contents of any delivery to confirm that no items are spoiled or damaged, ensuring that perishable foods and beverages are promptly refrigerated/frozen and stored at safe temperatures, cooking foods to appropriate internal temperatures, and following food safety and handling guidelines. For more information on safe food handling, check out the Government of Canada’s Safe Food Handling Tips . The foregoing is not an exhaustive resource – consult an expert if you unsure about the safety of your food. Failure to follow appropriate food cooking, safety, and handling practices may increase risk of foodborne illnesses. 

(c)     Frustrated Deliveries. In the event of poor weather (such as snow) or unanticipated delivery complications (Like COVID19 delays), we will attempt an additional delivery of your order at a different time at no cost to you. If for reasons outside of our control we are not able to deliver your order after such additional delivery attempt, we reserve the right to cancel and refund your order.

(d)     Replacement Items. If items in your order are delivered spoiled or damaged, or if something is missing from your order, please contact us at .